Create a romantic bedroom oasis

It may be after Valentine’s day but it’s not too late to create a romantic bedroom oasis for you and your honey.  Take a look at my tips and get to it.  As always, should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Creating a romantic bedroom retreat.

It’s getting cold out there!  Just the time of the year to create a romantic bedroom retreat for you and your honey…or just you!  Here are some key details to make your room look more luxurious, even if you are just starting out.

1.  Create nice-looking easy-to-use storage.

Your goal is to hide items that tend to make a mess. If you tend to empty your pockets on the dresser, find an attractive box or basket you love, use this to hold your wallet, keys, and loose change for the evening.

Banish clutter. It’s tempting to use your bedroom space to store gifts, odds and ends,
things that don’t yet have a home. Try not to do this. Pick a closet for things
you’d like to use, but aren’t ready for just yet. If you don’t have a closet,
seek a basement, attic space, or commercial storage for new items, your wedding
dress, or out of season items. Now is the time to find a new home for duplicate
pieces or furniture that just doesn’t fit in your bedroom.

2. Help your combined furniture to cooperate

Your bedroom furniture doesn’t have to match to work together. Perfectly matched
sets can look a bit impersonal or out of touch with your vibe as a couple. In
the short term, if you must choose between dressers, choose the one that best
fits your things or your space, and go from there. Using similar color or
texture can help match pieces coming from different places.

You may find your tastes run in opposite directions, as in, she loves modern, he
loves antiques. Blending these styles together can make a room look like it
truly belongs to both of you. To combine your different preferences together,
first decide which style predominates among the pieces you are keeping. Treat
this as the main style, with accents coming from the other look. Let each
unique piece have its own voice. Similarities like color and line can allow
different items to work together.

3. Warm up the color scheme

Choose a favorite item, like a photo, a soft throw, a bedspread, and make this the
basis of your color scheme. Colors that add a sense of luxury and excitement
include gold, or burgundy, or a rich violet. Just the right dash of bold, warm
color can go a long way to spark excitement and sex appeal.

4. Highlight the bed.

It is a bedroom, after all. Don’t be afraid to make the bed the focus and make the
message romantic. If you don’t have a headboard, call on a little creativity to
help make the bed attractive and inviting. Paint can be useful here. Use a warm
accent color on the wall behind the bed. Paint the rest of the room a softer

If your situation doesn’t allow for painting, you can hang a group of pictures
above the bed, or images from your honeymoon or a special trip together. Look
for a special item like a quilt, a series of photos, or even a well-crafted
gate borrowed from the garden for a unique, expressive headboard.

Use luxurious linens on the bed. Take advantage of the cozy feel and inviting
texture of fabric. Place a soft throw, a folded plush blanket or a few accent
pillows on your bed to dial up the romance factor.

5. Take inspiration from something you both love

For inspiration, search for  images that are high in romance.  Determine what you both
like, and enjoy the process of exploring how to mix and match your different

If you find you just can’t get things to work together the way you want, stop and
take a breath. You’re not alone. You can always get some professional advice to
keep the process easy and fun.  An interior designer can help you create a special romantic retreat you will both enjoy for years to come.